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Short Wave Diathermy

In Shortwave Diathermy heat generated from high frequency waves is used for giving relief to the patient. Short wave Diathermy is effective in Inflammation of Cervical Spondylosis, Sholder Joint, Elbow Joint, Osteoarthritis, Low Back Ache, Ligament Sprains in Knee Joints, Heel Pain, Sinusitis etc

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Ultrasonic Therapy,Ultrasound Therapy ,ultrasonic therapy india, physiotherapy equipments manufacturers

Ultrasonic waves are useful for treatment of Inflammation of Elbow Joint (Tennis Elbow), Plantar Fascitis (Heel Pain), Shortening of Muscle or Ligament, Inflammation of tendons (Suprasspinatus tendnitis), Ligament Sprain (Lateral Ligament Sprain of Ankle), Unhealed Scars etc.

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Cervical Cum Lumbar Traction

Cervial spinal traction can relieve muscle spasm and nerve root compression by streching soft tissues and increasing the spaces between cervical vertebrae. Lumber traction increases the space between vertebrae - reducing pressure on intervertebral discs and nerve root.

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Interferential Therapy Equipment, Physiotherapy equipments Manufacturer in India

Interferntial Stimulation is used for Symptomatic relief and management of post surgical & post traumatic acute & chronic pain. Interferential therapy commonly used in Cumulative Trauma Disorders, Pre and Post Orthopedic Surgery, Joint Injury Syndrome, Increasing Circulation & Pain Control of Various Origins.

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Tens Pocket Model, tens machines manufacturer, quality physiotherapy equipments manufacturer

Relieves pain very effectively in Arthritis, Neuralgia, Migraine, Spinal Disc, Surgical Trauma, Headache, Sciatica etc.

Muscle Stimulator Machine, Muscle Stimulator manufacturer

This kind of physiotherapy treatment involves use of low frequency current. Electrical stimulation is used to activate and train a muscle, which has lost its action or in training a muscle which has lost or 'forgotten' its action after an injury.

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Continuous Passive Motion,Continuous Passive Motion system

Continuous Passive Motion Therapy immediately used after surgery can give several important benefits to patient like maintenance or improvement in the range of motion reduction in pain and discomfort.

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Traction Table

Fixed Height 4 section Traction Table for horizontal Cervical & Lumbar Traction Treatment.

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Electrosurgical cautery

Microprocessor control, innovative design, together with high reliability makes 400W High frequency Surgical Units the most favorable choice for doctors.

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