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Continuous Passive Motion

A Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) gently moves a surgically repaired joint (knee, shoulder, elbow, etc.) in order to help keep the joint flexible and lubricated. CPM equipment have been proven to:

  • reduce swelling
  • reduce pain
  • maintain and increase Range of Motion (ROM)
  • inhibit formation of scar tissue

A patientís joint, while placed in a Passive Motion Machine, moves in a slow and rhythmic pattern. This gentle passive movement does not engage the patientís muscles around the repaired site. The continuous motion machine helps to keep the joint flexible and helps to increase the patientís range of motion, reducing the risk of complications.

A Proven Therapy
CPM Physio therapy is a treatment generally used after orthopedic surgery and has been practiced for over 30 years.

Passive Motion device are used during the first phase of rehabilitation following a soft tissue surgical procedure or trauma. The goals of phase 1 rehabilitation are: control post-operative pain, reduce inflammation, provide passive motion in a specific plane of movement, and protect the healing repair or tissue. CPM Unit is carried out by a CPM device, which constantly moves the joint through a controlled range of motion; the exact range is dependent upon the joint, but in most cases the range of motion is increased over time. Knee Cpm Machine is used following various types of reconstructive joint surgery such as knee replacement and Acl Reconstruction , Its mechanisms of action for aiding joint recovery are dependent upon what surgery is performed. One mechanism is the movement of to allow for better diffusion of nutrients into damaged (which would be unimportant in the event of joint replacement), and diffusion of other materials out; such as blood and metabolic waste products.

CPM, also called CPM continuous passive motion, is a device that is used to gently flex and extend the knee joint. The CPM machine can be used after surgery to allow the knee joint to slowly move. The initial thought was that CPM machine knee would improve motion following knee replacement surgery, as well as other knee procedures, and eliminate the problem of stiffness. By placing the knee in this device soon after surgery, scar tissue would not develop, and the problem of stiffness would not be a concern.